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The Yogibo Global Rug Collection

June 09 2020 – Brett Cailler

The Yogibo Global Rug Collection

The Yogibo Global Rug Collection


You know all about our patented gravity defying, relaxation oriented, uber versatile furniture… at least we hope you do. Whether your whole living room is Yogibo or you just break them out for movie nights, what’s the one thing that makes all your unique comfy furniture look like they're meant for one another? THE RUG (other than your family and friends of course)! Today we're going to go into some detail about the Global Collection from Yogibo


We know the perfect rug can seamlessly tie together any space and pieces of furniture, which is why we released our new global collection rug line. Inspired by their respective patterns and colors, each rug is name after a major city from around the world. This collection features seven beautifully designed, standard pile rugs, specially curated with Yogibo in mind. And don't worry, they also work well with more traditional (*cough* lame *cough*) furniture. 

First, let’s talk about London, New York and Boston. So far, we have stores in Boston and New York and we’re looking to expand to London next… just kidding friends I meant let’s talk about the rugs London, New York and Boston. These three are the most simple, clean and modern of the collection. With their cool neutral shades and minimalistic patterns, these rugs can unify any room! 

Then there’s Antigua (yes, please!) and Cairo. These two are perfectly imperfect with their freehand line drawings that put an artistic spin on traditional area rugs. With their natural tones and organic lines, Antigua and Cairo can fit in any aesthetic, from contemporary to boho.

And now, our last two rugs in the global collection… drum roll please… Marrakesh and Tokyo. These rugs are the plushest of the collection and will have you feeling like you’re walking on clouds. Their unique patterns and warm neutral hues are sure to sure to cozy up any space.


All the rugs in the global collection made of 100% polyester pile, making them super durable and easy to clean! So, what are you waiting for? Grab one now and freshen up your space with the perfect rug!