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Introducing the Yogibo Rest Collection

October 05 2020 – Brett Cailler

Introducing the Yogibo Rest Collection

Introducing the Yogibo Rest Collection

For years we've been asked about developing a set of bedding accessories to bring the supreme stretch and comfort of our beanbags into the bedroom, and we're super stoked to tell you that we've finally done it! Welcome to the Yogibo Rest Collection, the newest generation of bedding comfort. 

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The Rest Collection comes in two different types, Sheets and an incredible Duvet cover. All are made with an eco-friendly, softer-than-soft Supema Cotton sourced right here in the good 'ol US of A. One of the great things about Supema Cotton is it retains its color longer than standard materials while still remaining soft and supple, so you can feel confident and rested knowing your bedding is happy and healthy. 

The Rest collection comes in all standard sizes, so all you need do is pick the size that's right for you! Twin, Full, Queen and King are available for both the Sheet set as well as the Duvet. In addition to size, our list of colors are also perfect for any bedroom style! The entire Rest line comes in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Deep Purple and Blue variations so no matter what color of room, the Rest collection will compliment it like no other bedding. 

And you know what no bedding can do without? A PILLOW, OF COURSE! Our Sleepybo Pillow is the comfiest pillow we've ever created and is a perfect fit for the Yogibo Rest Collection. The design of the pillow perfectly cradles your neck by remaining in that perfect Goldilocks Zone: Not too firm yet not too soft...just right. There's also a unique benefit to each side! One side sleeps cooler and the other sleeps warmer thanks to unique material on the outside of the pillow shell. Sleepybo colors can match all Yogibo Rest colors, or you can get a bit more creative and go for louder colors to give the bedroom a bit more pizazz. 

Life can get pretty hectic and stressful, so why stress over a good night's sleep? With the Yogibo Rest Collection you won't have to count sheep, but you may have to set an extra alarm ;) 

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