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Warming Up To Fall

October 05 2020 – Brett Cailler

Warming Up To Fall

Warming Up To Fall

That magical time of the year is practically here, friends. You can smell it in the air, you can feel it when you dim those lights & put the kettle on and you can sense it when you feel that existential dread creep into your mind when you think about all the snow we'll be getting in a few months. That's right folks, AUTUMN

One of the best parts of getting into the Fall spirit is how we tend to long for warming sensations. Tea, hot cider, a favorite blanket. Creature comforts in all their glory. Well one of our most popular collections has always been our amazing Aromatherapy collection. Perfect accessories that make excellent gifts for everyone because hey, we all like to be cozy! Below we're highlighting some of our most popular aromatherapy options. 

Shoulder Wonder - $29

The Shoulder Wonder has been our most popular aromatherapy accessory for years now and for good reason. The soft, luxurious fabric is soft to the touch, and the lavender & peppermint scent is so relaxing. Whereas some neck wraps on the market only hit the immediate neck area, the Shoulder Wonder extends a bit further down the back so it hits all those hardworking muscles. Shoulder Wonder, like all our aromatherapy products, can be used for hot therapy as well as cold. 

Backmeister - $35

We're going to give you a pro tip here. Hate the idea of raking leaves because it murders your lower back? Prepare for the furious foliage with the Backmeister and those weeks long back pains will be a thing of the past! The lower back wrap is perfect for alleviating aches and pains, and the cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus scents are excellent at relieving knots and sores. 

Ms. Bliss - $59

The Ms. Bliss blanket is a perfectly sized weighted blanket. Not too big, not too small, located just right in that Goldilocks zone of warming comfort. Ms. Bliss provides excellent weighted therapy and acts as a sort of warming "hug" for those dreary Fall days when you just want to sit inside, sip a nice cup of something warm and read a good book (or binge Netflix for ten hours straight like the absolute psycho you and I both know you are). The sweet aroma of peppermint and lavender will get you to cloud 9 in no time! 

Bo Dough - $15

What the-!? Dough? Therapy Dough? Yeah you read that right, therapy dough. Bo Dough is the perfect fidget for those stressful times when you want to either punch something or stress-squeeze something but don't want to be guilty of property damage or anger problems. Think of it like a sweet-smelling stress ball, only more fun to play with. Bo Dough is made of natural and organic ingredients and is a wonderful compliment to the workspace or play room. 



There you have it, Autumnal friends! A succinct and bite-sized collection of some of our most popular aromatherapy options for you to ring in the Fall season right! All of our amazing aromatherapy accessories can be found here, just don't forget to treat them like Halloween candy and share. No one likes a Greedy Gus ;)