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Luxury + Comfort = Yogibo Luxe

June 09 2020 – Brett Cailler

Luxury + Comfort = Yogibo Luxe

Luxury + Comfort = Yogibo Luxe

You’ve seen it, you love it, so today we’re gonna talk about it. The Yogibo Luxe Collection.

*Insert amazed 'oooh' & 'aaaah's *

The highlight of the Luxe collection, as you likely know, is our new upscale, textured fabric. Covers in this fabric are available in two versions, light and dark gray. The neutral colors of the Luxe fabric make them perfect for any space. And one of the coolest things about this exciting fabric is that no two covers have the same exact pattern. It's different for every single one we make, further adding to the uniqueness. At Yogibo we believe each and every one of you is a unique unicorn, so your chic new covers should reflect that! 


Yogibos in our new Luxe fabric are available in seven of our most popular pieces: The Max, Short, Lounger, Pod, Support, Roll and Ottoman. They’re removable and washable, super stretchy and durable, and filled with awesomeness just like our classic covers!

Whether you’re looking to join our Yogibo Family, shopping to add to your growing collection, or just searching for a way to spruce up your existing Yogibo, we're confident the answer is Luxe. Because who doesn’t want their furniture to look and feel like a million bucks?! The new Luxe Collection is the perfect blend of sophistication and fun, sure to satisfy everyone!