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Enjoy An At-Home Spa

June 04 2020 – CK Systems

Enjoy An At-Home Spa

Enjoy An At-Home Spa

Life is hard; it takes a lot out of us. Sometimes we just need a little ‘me’ time to recuperate, right? We understand and we’re here to help! Bring the relaxation and tranquility of the spa home with you, and wash away the stress of the day (or the year…stupid 2020) in just a few easy steps.


First, we want to set the mood. A few of our stylish Bo-Glow candles will do just the trick. These candles are set in beautifully finished (and reusable) Acacia bowls that are sure to bring all the calming, spa-like vibes to your bathroom. While aesthetic is important, they’re more than just pleasing to the eye; they smell heavenly too.

Choose from a wide array of soothing scents: Champagne, Mint Lavender, Orange Grapefruit, Sparkling Cider or Vanilla Caramel and Peach. Whatever you’re feeling, we got you! Light one, two or all three of the Bo-Glow’s wicks (for 15+ hours of burn time) and take a deep relaxing breath.


Now that the mood is set, let’s get a nice warm shower going. Before turning the water on, we’re going to first need to snag a couple Shower Steamers to toss in. These nifty little nuggets pack a good punch! Once under the hot water, they will dissolve, releasing the scent(s)  of your choosing, all around you.

Choose from four serene scents: Lavender, Grapefruit, Eucalyptus or Papaya. All made from essential oils, which will surely compliment your Bo-Glow perfectly!


With the mood set, the shower steaming and calming scents filling the air, we’re almost ready. But first, we must grab a bar of Massage Soap. This is no ordinary bar of soap. It features unique nubs on one side for added pressure and exfoliation, to give the ultimate in-shower massage while cleansing your body.

The Massage Soap is available in three scents, specially selected to complement both your Bo-Glow and Shower Steamers: Mint Lavender, Maple Cream and Apricot Peach.


Finally, with the mood set, the shower steaming, soothing scents filling the air and our massage soap in hand, we are ready to hop in the shower and let our spa day commence! Voila!


Make every day a spa day with Yogibo- it’s that easy!