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The Star Wars™ Collection by Yogibo

November 15 2019 – Brett Cailler

The Star Wars™ Collection by Yogibo

The Star Wars™ Collection by Yogibo

We couldn’t be more excited to share this with all of you since it’s been something we’ve been working exhaustively on for close to a year now but at long last we’re thrilled to show you the new Star Wars™ Collection by Yogibo! We’ve teamed up with Disney and Lucasfilm to make something truly unique not just for Star Wars fans, but fans of relaxation and fun. Today we’re going to break down the different key elements in our newly launched Star Wars Collection.

Growing up and playing Star Wars in the backyard usually began by choosing to either be a Rebel or a member of the Empire. We figured why not bring that same fun sense of childhood choice to the furniture line! Let’s face it, some days you just feel like foregoing your chores and homework and giving in to the Dark Side with some rest and relaxation. Or maybe you’re feeling like a true hero of the Rebel Alliance. Either way, there’s something here for everyone.

We want to especially make notice of our favorite 4 items around the HQ, the Star Wars Loungers & Ottoman sets. We designed these to look right at home in the Star Wars universe. The Skywalker Lounger looks exactly how we imagine a Rebel leader would design their Yogibo if they needed some rest before a galactic mission (complete with matching Ottoman). And the Palpatine Lounger set is a big tip of the cap to our favorite villain, Emperor Palpatine. We based this lounger off the throne he sits on in Return Of the Jedi.

Available NOW: One area we knew we couldn’t possibly pass up would be our Mates. To say we were excited to design some Yogibo versions of our favorite Star Wars characters would be an understatement. Each of these mates is incredibly cuddly and features the same dual-layer fabric of our standard Mates. Each Mate also has a matching Squeezibo edition (sold separately) to go along with it! Woohoo! We also decided to embrace a new material when it came to the Chewbacca Mate. Yep, you’re still getting the same squishy hugs like our normal Mates, but with the Chewbacca Mate you’re also getting the extra cuddly fur that our favorite Wookiee rocks (complete with functioning bandolier/pouch!). So, which of these are you gonna adopt today!?


Available NOW: The Yogabo ergonomic ball happens to be one of our most popular pieces of furniture we sell. It works your core while you sit, as it forces you to keep correct posture. We took one look at it and went “Y’know this would be awesome if we designed it to look like a Death Star”. Lo and behold we did it! You get the same ergonomic seating, invisible base so it doesn’t roll away and handy strap for convenient maneuvering, but this time you get the satisfaction of knowing all your work is getting done while you sit on a DS-1 Orbital Battle Station. Doesn’t get much more regal than that!


Available NOW: This was actually the very first product we came up with when we sat down to come up with Star Wars ideas. Our Nap X is already the most comfortable, ergonomic neck rest around (complete with built in face mask) so we figured, why not make something an X-Wing fighter might wear after getting out of the cockpit? With Rebel Pilot and TIE Fighter Pilot designs inspired by their respective helmets, you’re going to be the comfiest fighter in the galaxy next time you need some neck rest. And you don’t even need to make a trench run to do it ;)

That’s just a small taste of what we have in our new Star Wars collection by Yogibo, be sure to check out the collection at for the COMFIEST STUFF IN THE GALAXY