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Weighted Therapy With Yogibo Calm

November 19 2021 – Brett Cailler

Weighted Therapy With Yogibo Calm

Weighted Therapy With Yogibo Calm

It's pretty much a given that stress isn’t good for so many different reasons, and we’ve all experienced it so we can each relate! Studies show that stress can actually kill brain cells, whereas a calm and relaxing environment enables their growth. We took these notions into heavy consideration when we looked to upscale our weighted blanket category. We took the science behind Weighted Therapy and how weighted blankets can offer a calming peace of mind and put our own unique spin on it with what we call the Yogibo Calm. This product is launching in a few weeks and we just couldn't wait to get the word out and build some excitement! 

The Yogibo Calm features super soft cotton/spandex fabric that, unlike traditional weighted blankets with plushy synthetic fabric, gives this a premium and luxurious feel. The Calm even has a cooling effect too, which means it will keep giving you that Weighted Therapy goodness even in the warmer months. And we didn't stop there, we also put this blanket through a special anti-microbrial treatment, which takes it to a whole different level!
So what do we mean when we say the Yogibo Calm features an Antimicrobial cover? Antimicrobial covers are made to actively kill microbes (reducing microbe populations) on contact – a quality that compliments regular cleaning of the product. That means the fabric of your Calm weighted blanket will stay fresh requiring fewer washes, which means you can enjoy a much longer product life from your new favorite weighted blanket. In a time when we're all much more sensitive to cleanliness and germ contact, this is a quality that really elevates the Calm beyond just a simple weighted blanket. And when it comes time to wash it couldn't be more simple. 

We’ve heard from lots of weighted blanket users who have already gotten to try the calm and we keep hearing the phrase "This is unlike any other weighted blanket I've tried!" It's like music to our ears. Want to see just what they're talking about when they say this weighted blanket is truly in a league of it's own? There's only one way to find out. 

Look for the Yogibo Calm launching here at within the next few weeks!