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Introducing: Game Decor Collection

November 19 2021 – Brett Cailler

Introducing: Game Decor Collection

Introducing: Game Decor Collection

If this past year has taught us anything it's that sometimes we're going to have to get used to being inside (especially with Winter coming soon) but being indoors doesn't always have to mean burying our heads in our screens. We wanted to bring a bit more family fun to being inside together, so we're super excited to introduce the newest collection to the Yogibo lineup: 

With the Game Decor Collection we strove to start bringing some classic games to the living room, but in a way that looks upscale, fresh and right at home with even the nicest of your furniture pieces. Every member of this collection comes with luxurious construction, from an elegant bamboo finishing to our signature Yogibo brand colors and upscale material. The perfect addition to your game room, living room or backyard! So come on, let's get to know the Yogibo Game Decor Collection! Click the name to be taken to the product page! 



The campus classic is here and in a conveniently smaller size so you don't always need to kug a giant board around to and from the outside! If you want a well-made, easily transportable party game anyone can jump in and play this is the one for you! Take turns throwing the soft, weighted bags at the beautifully crafted eco-friendly bamboo platforms. A bag in the hole scores 3 points while a bag on the board scores 1 point. First to 12 wins! Whether playing outside or inside, this game is perfect for sunny days, rainy days and game nights. 

Bocce Ball 

Bocce Ball has always been used with very hard, heavy game balls which can be a real nightmare to a homeowner when played indoors. Get those worries of shattered glass and dented table legs out of your mind with the Yogibo Bocce Ball set! Using a gentle fill and our soft, stretchy fabric you can bring this classic outdoor game indoors too for tons of fun! This Bocce Ball set comes with a fabric bag for easy transport whether you like to play indoors or outdoors, and it's compact size makes it the perfect activity wherever you choose to be! 


Chess/Backgammon Set

Our Chess/Backgammon set comes in a gorgeous, upscale foldable travel case that's perfect for trips to the coffee shop or the office. Featuring a sleek and excellently crafted bamboo finish, this game box features Chess on the outside and Backgammon on the inside. Two in one! This beautiful set makes the perfect gift for young and old, new players or experienced. 


We're really proud to welcome the Game Decor Collection to the Yogibo family and we think you'll love the quality and fun we've brought to it, like all we create! Pry those eyes away from the screen for a bit and kick back with the Yogibo Game Decor Collection next time you have a company over. Excellently crafted and perfectly suitable for outdoors and indoors. If we have to spend a lot of time indoors as the weather gets colder, let's at least have a ball doing it!