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SPRING For Pastels

February 15 2023 – Rob Worrell

SPRING For Pastels

SPRING For Pastels

Yogibo covers come in various colors, which can perfectly accentuate the rooms they're in. This isn't just due to the colors themselves but also to the customizeable and modular nature of our award-winning furniture. It's a match made in heaven! And with Winter soon coming to an end, what better way to welcome the warmth than with our Pastel Collection

Like sipping a crisp seltzer, chewing some cool gum, or a fresh morning breeze, give your Yogibo bag a hint of mint for a truly cool feeling.

This is a favorite of ours at Yogibo headquarters. Bring some sunshine into your room with the peachy tones of Coral. Why should those beautiful undersea reefs hog all the good looks?

There's nothing quite as sweet as breathing in the aromatic smells of Lavender. Lush, relaxing, and oh-so homeopathic, this beautiful color will bring a bit of peaceful calm to your favorite room.

While we're on a nature kick, imagine yourself in a quiet, dreamy forest. Raindrops pitter-patter on the leaves around you, but it's no worry; you're relaxing in a cozy nest of soft ferns. This fabulously subtle green will turn any room into a light and luscious relaxation station, guaranteed.

And speaking of raindrops, why not bring a little of the outside elements inside? The rain pastel color is soft but pronounced, vibrant but subtle, like a blue sky after a passing storm or a calm sea after a wave. Let this peaceful blue drift you off to a land of calm.

When people told us to stop pretending to be flamingos, we knew we had to put our foot down (see what I did there? Foot down? Cuz...flamingos? Ok. I'll see myself out). This pink isn't as vibrant and in-your-face as our standard pink but is as soft and subtle as a bubble floating in on a breeze. Like the animals that inspired it, this soft fabric is something to behold.


If you're in the mood for a color scheme that is a bit more subtle but at the same time attention-grabbing, look no further than our line of pastel covers. These incredibly soft and gorgeous covers will surely bring an elegant touch of pizzazz to whichever room you place them in.