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Relaxing With the H2O Collection

January 29 2021 – Brett Cailler

Relaxing With the H2O Collection

Relaxing With the H2O Collection

One day this past year we were stuck inside (2020 amirite?) sitting in our comfy furniture and said to ourselves "Y'know what would just be the cat's pajamas? The bee's knees? All that and a bag of chips? If we could bring this Yogibo goodness into the bathroom with us so the comfort train would literally never leave the relaxation station!" After coming to the conclusion that was the weirdest sounding sentence to ever come out of our mouth we got to work on the next Yogibo stress reliever. So today we give you the...

Bath tubs always seem so soothing and relaxing, and there are so many health benefits in using one. Improving heart health, promoting easier breathing, benefits to your muscles & joints and so much more. Despite these positives there's usually two solid reasons people tend to forego the bath in favor of a shower.
Reason 1 - It’s just not all that comfortable. 
Solution: H20 Pad. Let’s face it, laying down in the bathtub is simply not comfortable and there is only so much time we can all stay in discomfort. Using other pillows is a bit of problem. They don’t dry off easily and without airing them properly they can get moldy and smelly (yuck!). We experimented on solving this problem with a few prototype pillows and a little bit of time and we believe we've come up with a solution in the H2O Pad! This magic pillow has two layers of special mesh fabric, so when it comes to the water it’s easy in and easy out. The pillow has a divider for great neck support as well as your noggin and back. The H2O Pad also has suction cups and a hanger on the back so it can be hung to dry in various ways. Before you know it it’s dry and ready to use again!

H2O Pad - $49


Reason 2 - How do you entertain yourself & pass the time?
Solution: Traybo H2O. 8 years ago we heard that same question when people sat on our bean bags and wanted to do other things like use their laptop, tablet or drawing pad. This lead us to come up with the Traybo and the evolution a few years later with the Traybo 2.0 and it has since been one of our best selling products. The Traybo H2O is the newest sibling in the Traybo family and the perfect tray for your bath! This tray has all sorts of functionality for everything you need in order to have the most relaxing bath ever. Whether it’s an ergonomic stand for your favorite tablet or book, a holder for your lotions or soap and even a special place for your beverage. The Traybo H2O is also made of eco friendly bamboo and specially coated to be water resistant. 

Traybo H2O - $59


So now that we've solve those bath time problems, you’re really out of excuses when it comes to taking a relaxing tub. Get the H2O collection and Discover The Feel of all the health benefits of a good old fashioned soak in the bath!