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Sensory Soothing

We really enjoy hearing our customers tell us how much they love their Yogibo, but if we're being completely honest nothing makes us feel better than when we hear how much our products have helped people who are living with Autism or Sensory Processing Disorders. Seeing the smile of a person or child the first time they drop into one of our Yogibo Max or Short bean bags really can't be beat.

Yogibos are used in a variety of ways as a sensory product by parents and therapists. Our bean bags provide exceptional proprioceptive sensory input, promoting body awareness and helping to organize the brain for focus and attention. They're especially effective when used for snuggling, pushing, pulling, crashing, or jumping into to provide deep pressure input. Yogibos also serve as an excellent compression tool, conforming to your body and providing calming, uniform pressure. We frequently hear that our customers particularly enjoy how the Yogibo encompasses them – and they’re a lot more comfortable than many of the alternatives.

Many parents and therapists have told us that they use Yogibos in place of more intrusive and expensive OT equipment. Because they are so comfortable and attractive, Yogibos can be integrated into a home's living area. They also reduce work as kids genuinely enjoy using them and being around them!

But don’t take our word for it! Here are some of the many raves we’ve received from parents, customers, and friends. We appreciate each one, but the smiles on the kids’ faces are the best feedback we could ever receive. 

"It is super dense and sturdy enought to take all Nick can dish out, which is alot! Seems it is well worth the investment as he can keep it for years to come, it makes him happy and I'm sure it's going to save our funiture."
- Autism Day by Day

"If you’re looking for a sensory friendly, kid friendly, but practical lounge chair, I recommend the Yogibo Max."
- Flappiness Is

“The Yogibo Max or Midi is a must have for autistic children.”
- Autism Parenting Magazine

“They are like a "giant-pillow-meets-bean-bag" and some can even be used to sink your child into, so they get the compression input that they need.”
- Tutoring & Learning Resources of Connecticut

“For the past three days, it has been dragged, pulled, jumped on, rolled on, twisted, bent, piled on...you name it-my kids have done it. My children have destroyed couches in less time than that. But this? It has held up. It remains a cozy soft place for them to land when they need it. I highly recommend it. Especially if you have kids like mine.”
- AutismHerd Blog

“My personal favorite is made by Yogibo. I had the pleasure of going to the Yogibo store and the staff was very friendly and helpful. They even showed me how to stand up the pillow, then seat the child on the top, grab the sides and pick up and shake slightly so they sink into it to achieve a really comfy compression.”
- Aspergers Test Site

"Hugibo is the perfect solution for children who want that tight squeeze without the human interaction."
- Lemon Lime Adventures

“Yogibo is a remarkable and versatile product offering many uses for all ages! It provides a huge amount of proprioceptive sensory input when snuggling, pushing, pulling, crashing, or jumping.”
- Celebrity Baby Trends - iSPY Superior Sensory Toys

“Yogibo is not only recommended by PlayDHD, we should own stock in the company because we own so many of these great products!”
- PlayDHD

“It’s a massive bean bag chair/cushion that is just, well, amazing for sensory kids like J...It was worth every dime and then some.”
- J-Bear and Me blog – We Love You, @Yogibobags

““I am in love with this bag. My girls are in love with it…[they] provide sensory input that is calming, that makes them feel special. But, trust me when I tell you this is better than Temple Grandin's hugging machine. It's soft but heavy enough and large enough that when you lie under it, you feel pressure.”
- Autism Blogs Directory

“My son is 18 and severely disabled. We have been using the caterpillar pillow and several others for positioning and travel. Yogibo was a game changer for comfort and travel. You see, my son has scoliosis about as bad as can get and no longer uses a wheelchair but with Yogibo I was able to fit him in a wagon. He has been participating in life with us and is very comfortable and happy. Thought I’d just say thanks and we love your product!” - Penelope, Customer