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Yogibo Year In Review: 2021

January 11 2022 – Matthew Smigiel

Yogibo Year In Review: 2021

Yogibo Year In Review: 2021


We're so excited for all of the awesome things we're going to be creating this year, you 'aint seen nuthin yet! But before we get too carried away with ourselves, we want to put on the hazy glasses of yesteryear and look back at all the incredible stuff we did this past year at Yogibo. Let's take a little walk down memory lane shall we?

We kicked off the year with something we think everyone definitely needed to survive the horrors of 2020 and ring in the optimism of 2021 right. The H2O Collection was a perfect addition to the bathroom thanks to the H2O Pad bath pillow and the eco-friendly insanely customizable Traybo H2O. You can find our H2O Collection right here

Over the past several years we'd seen growth in Asia, Latin America and a multitude of other locations all with one demand: MORE YOGIBO! So at the tail end of March we officially opened up distribution in Europe for all of our friends across the pond. was off and running! Not only that, we also opened up additional distribution in Singapore with the shiny new

 The Yogibo Pride Collection was one we had been working on for quite some time and were thrilled to finally announce it. The collection of Zoola covers was inspired by our allies in the LGBTQ+ community. For every Pride cover purchased, a 10% donation is made to GLSEN in helping LGBTQ+ K-12 students. Please head on over to their website to learn more about the incredible things they're doing and why this collection was such an awesome experience for us! 

For nearly half a decade we've been working side by side with our friends at KultureCity. KultureCity is the nation's leading nonprofit organization on sensory accessibility and acceptance for those with invisible disabilities. From sensory rooms in sports arenas, benefit programs and more it's been an amazing privilege helping them do what they do for people who need it most. 

Another huge accomplishment this year is that Yogibo Japan is the official title sponsor of the very first women's soccer league in Japan, the Women Empowerment league! This amazing development is a wonderful chance to celebrate and empower women, and we're humbled and amazed at the talent and ability we've seen from the women's soccer team thus far. 

'¡Vamos a jugar y aprender Español', Let’s play and learn Spanish! Jogoball launched in 2020 and 2021 saw the release of an incredible new sleeve, Megee the Spanish Learning Jogoball! Megee makes learning another language easy and fun and it's proven to be a huge hit! The Megee add-on sleeve for Jogoball can be found here

We partnered with The Pokémon Company for their new Home Accents line of products. Two Yogibo-style beanbags of their popular characters Ditto and Snorlax launched and the reception was nothing short of incredible. Let's just say we've "gotta catch 'em all" in the very near future....*wink wink* 

Seriously, once we pick up steam there's no stopping the Yogibo Train! On the first of November, just in time for the holidays we launched our Disney Mickey & Friends Collection. This partnership with the Walt Disney Company was so much fun to work on and the whole collection is nothing short of magical. Check it out


With the holidays in full swing we announced our partnership with actor/writer/talk show host/producer & all around American treasure Drew Barrymore. We've been so elated to know that Yogibo is where she finds her happy place. What more could you ask for!? Check out our newest commercial below

The Yogibo Calm made it's glorious debut this Fall and while we're on the topic of our friend Drew Barrymore, of our new antimicrobial weighted blanket she said "The Yogibo Calm is the first weighted blanket that I truly love. The super soft fabric really does add a calming effect." Who knew there would be popular demand for a weighted blanket experience where you could also have peace of mind knowing your blanket also featured a unique antimicrobial cover to last longer and stay fresher longer as well! To get a bit more calm, you can grab a Calm here


Yes, this has been such an exciting and event-filled year that looking back on it it's a miracle we were able t o get any sleep at night! From all of us at Yogibo to you and yours, thank you so much for being a part of our modular-cozy-squishy-rad-awesome-weird-zen-incredible little family. We can't wait to blow your minds even more with all the amazing stuff we have cooking up for 2022. Until then, "to infinity and beyond!