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Father's Day Gift Guide

June 10 2021 – CK Systems

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

June marks a pretty important for a lot of folks, we're getting ready to celebrate Father's Day and we're also gearing up for those graduates in our lives to embark on the big college journey! So for us at Yogibo June means DADS AND GRADS!

Want to show dear 'ol dad some love without relying on that same old bottle of cologne that he secretly hates getting year after year? We gotcha covered. Want to give that new graduate a gift they'll actually use and bring with them to campus instead of that same old Dr. Seuss book that no college student actually ever wants to receive? We'll take care of you

Read on for our top sellers for Dads & Grads!

The Yogibo Max

Oh yeah here we go! The cream of the crop, the absolute bestseller and our most award-winning product to date. The Max is a 6 foot bag that can extend out to 8 feet, takes up virtually no space at all when stood up and has more customizable comfort positions than dad's Swiss Army knife! Perfect for the "man cave", the living room or wherever your old man goes to catch some Z's! 

The Zoola Short

Did you know that studies show that students who spend more time outside as well as getting the much needed vitamin D activity in the sun have been proven to excel at problem-solving and test-taking? Good news for you our Zoola line of covers make bring the comfort of Yogibo anywhere a synch! The Zoola Short is Water-Resistant, UV-Safe and the perfect seating for the campus park. Get some studying done outside, or bring the Zoola Short to the next party. It's sure to be the guest of honor!

The Yogibo Lounger

Here's a factoid to throw at the parents next time they say video games rot your brain. According to a 2017 study, younger folks who play video games show improvements in several types of attention, such as sustained attention and selective attention. And how convenient we've got the absolute best seat for gaming and movie watching, the Lounger! This one seater is a perfect accomplice the next time the recent grad in your life wants to sit for a bit and catch up on the latest PS5 game (assuming they can actually find a PS5) or catch up on their newest show. With a defined back rest and the modular adaptability for any butt that plops down in it, this comfortable super star is a perfect addition to any dorm room this coming fall. Rack up those scores and get relaxing!


So far we've covered some comfortable seating but we need to lay on you (quite literally) the very thing that goes with relaxation like a fresh cut lawn and dad's short shorts. A BLANKET. And not just any blanket, friends. No no. We wouldn't hip you to a run of the mill cloth, no sir. We're talking about the Cozybo blanket! Cozybo is unlike any other blanket you'll find on the market, in part thanks to our proprietary stretchy soft fabric and also the unique fabric inside. We use a special blend of polyester fibers inside each pocketed "square" of the Cozybo and it has to be felt to be believed. It's like a super soft, stretchy "gel" that you get to drape yourself in. And because Cozybo is super breathable, it's perfect for keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Go on and relax, pops, you've had a busy day.


We can't give this list without mentioning one of our more popular aromatherapy items for dad. This brilliant little lumbar wrap goes around the lower back to relieve sore muscles from heavy lifting, bending, and other physical activities. Either pop it in the microwave or set it in the freezer for a bit (depending on which temperature therapy you need) and let the cinnamon, clove and eucalyptus aroma sooth your father's aches and pains. Backmeister can also be wrapped around your leg to spot treat any muscle soreness from exercise or outside activities! Give dad the give of comfort and let him take a breather on the couch with his new best friend Backmeister! 


There's just a few of our best gifts and accessories for the dad or upcoming grad in your life. Show them some love this year with the best gifts around.